What makes English Bulldogs so Special?

What makes English Bulldogs so Special?


English Bulldogs make fantastic family companions and have so many beautiful traits, they’re one of the most loyal animals in the world and they’re always looking to please.

Living with English bulldogs is an amazing, humorous experience due to their unbelievably funny characters and huge loving hearts.

As I’m sure you have already seen on social media, English bulldogs are know for their amazing talents so don’t be surprised if your Bulldog decides he/she wants to grow up to become a full time skateboarder  because these cool dogs are amazing at it!

English Bulldogs are great with children, they are gentle, patient and very tolerant. Like all dogs, children should never be left unattended with English Bulldogs for the safety of both your dog and your young child.

It is advisable to buy your bulldog as a puppy when introducing it into your home, this gives you the ability to raise your English bulldog puppy in your own environment and them used to your family lifestyle from a young age.

Introducing an Bulldog into your home with young children can also reduce the chance of developing pet allergies later on in life.

Raising a Bulldog with young children is a fantastic way to teach them key life skills – allowing your child to get involved with feeding time, walks and general chores can teach them about responsibility and discipline. This should always be supervised.

Owning a Bulldog is also great for improving your social life, exercising your dog means you will be spending more time outdoors where you are more likely to meet new people and build new relationships. You can also join Bulldog groups on social media where you can speak to like minded people who love this amazing breed and build new relationships for you and your Bulldog.