XL Bullies & Bully puppies For Sale – UK

XL Bullies & Bully puppies For Sale – UK

If you are looking for XL bullies for sale, you have landed on the right website. The Bully Scene has been designed especially for bully lovers and breeders to advertise their amazing puppies for sale.
The XL Bully, also known as the extra large Bully, is the largest of the American Bully family.
They have exceptional muscle mass with a thick heavy-set bone structure that makes them stand out from any other breed.


XL Bullies come in various colours; check out our colour chart to help you understand the variations in coat patterns and colours.
Here are a few examples of the variation in coat patterns for the XL Bullies.



XL American Bullies are a companion breed. They exhibit confidence and a continued desire to please and bond with their family.
The XL Bully is a fantastic family pet, provided you raise them in a stable environment.
XL bullies love and care for children and their entire families, including other pets and animals.
Human or dog aggression of any kind is rare and classed as highly undesirable within the XL bully standard; this is also a disqualifying trait in the show circuits.


The American Bully is extremely intelligent, making them a pleasure to train. House training your XL Bully puppy is usually a walk in the park (excuse the pun); most XL bully owners have them fully house trained in just a few weeks. They can often master the basic commands quickly ( sit, stay, lay down, recall etc.). 

“Do XL American Bullies make good guard dogs?”

The XL Bully can make excellent family guardians. However, they are bred purely as companions, meaning they have tremendous love and respect for people. 

Due to their loving nature and intelligence, they will often make suitable family protectors naturally. The better you treat and care for your XL Bully, the more respect and love they will have for you.

American Bullies will go to the end of the earth and back to please their owner, so protecting them will also fall into that category in most cases.

If you compare them to breeds selectively bred for protection, the XL Bully would most likely rank toward the bottom of the list every time.

So if you want to buy an elite protection dog, the XL Bully isn’t the best prospect compared to working breeds. 


“Check out our six pro tips to help you find the perfect XL bully for sale.”

1. American bullies have many different styles in terms of overall appearance. Some XL Bully lines are taller than others; some are thicker set with heavier bones, and some may have larger heads. These are vital factors to consider when deciding what style you would like to buy.

2. Spend time researching different American Bully bloodlines and become familiar with the style of the lineages you like.


3. Take your time and enjoy the puppy search; finding the right XL Bully can take time. Start a list of the different XL Bully breeders you would like to speak to and arrange to view their XL puppies for sale. Make sure to view as many options as possible to make sure you have covered all bases.

4. Budget – XL Bully puppies often come with a hefty price tag; expect to pay anywhere between 3000 – 8000 for a quality XL Bully puppy.

5. Join American Bully groups and forums online; this is a great way to learn more about the breed and share stories with other XL Bully lovers.

6. Research plays a vital role in your puppy search.

 Research as much as possible about living with an XL Bully, training, and feeding. The more knowledge you have about this unique breed, the better the experience will be.


 Five mistakes to avoid when searching for your XL American Bully puppy online:

1. Never buy the first XL Bully that you see; take your time and view as many XL bully puppies as possible.

2. Don’t buy an XL Bully puppy because it’s the cheapest puppy online; as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”

3. Make sure your XL Bully puppy is registered with a recognisable kennel club (ABKC, UKC etc..)

4. Never send money without reference checks; thousands of false social media accounts will try to scam you out of your hard-earned cash. 

5. Go with your intuition; if something doesn’t feel right about the sale, then avoid it.


Where can I find a good quality XL Bully puppy?

Reach thousands of breeders with XL Bully puppies for sale on The Bully Scene website; search our American Bully classified ads to contact breeders today.