The Benefits of Feeding Your Dog a Raw Diet

The Benefits of Feeding Your Dog a Raw Diet

A raw diet for dogs consists of a balanced mix of muscle meat, bone and organs, recreating the diet of our dogs wild ancestors. It may also contain a healthy selection of oils, vegetables and berries.

Feeding your dog a raw diet can help to support your dog’s health in many ways. Raw diets help maintain a healthy weight, support digestion( which also benefits you as the owner when it comes to cleaning up their poop) and it helps to maintain clean healthy teeth.


Health benefits:

Cleaner teeth – Starches in commercial pet foods cause tartar buildup that can lead to dental disease. Infections can develop inside the mouth that can lead to serious infections in other areas of your dog’s body. Eating raw meats allows dogs to crunch and grind bone materials, which naturally removes plaque from teeth. That’s why dogs fed raw foods have healthier, whiter teeth that don’t require special chew bones, brushing, or expensive dental work.


Skin & Fur – Dogs fed on commercial dry dog food such as kibble often have a dull look to their coat, dogs on a raw natural diet are known to have a healthier shiny looking coat. It is quite common for dog owners to first come across a raw diet as a way to fix skin allergies, irritations or poor overall quality of their dogs fur. While not all skin related issues are entirely linked to a poor diet, dogs that are eating a steady diet of natural raw foods are expected to have a healthier coat and skin condition that are associated with a more robust immune system and in many cases will reverse the damage caused by poor quality commercial dog foods.


Allergies – Dogs can have allergies due to various environmental factors although the majority of allergies in dogs are diet related. Food allergies sometimes cause problems with digestion, skin and can contribute to recurring infections of eyes and ears, and many other chronic health conditions.


Immune system – The immune system is the first defence for fighting off infection, which is why it’s so important to keep it in optimal condition. Providing steady and balanced nutrition is essential to help our dogs’ immune systems thrive. The nutrition in all natural foods have the added benefit of being highly digestible for your dog.


Reduced stool size and volume – One of the perks of having a diet made up of highly digestible ingredients for your pet, is that the majority of the food is absorbed and utilised, meaning less comes out the other end. The digestive system of dogs is designed to extract as many good nutrients from their diet as possible. Carbohydrates and filler ingredients such as soy, potato, corn and rice take longer to digest and are not fully absorbed by your dog. As most raw diets contain no fillers and are low in carbohydrates it’s often a result that their stools are smaller and firmer as there is less waste passing through.


Reproduction health – In the early 2000s a study was carried out at an Australian guide dog facility, they monitored the impact of a 100% raw diet on their colony. During the study the facility reported an increase on number of dogs per litter, healthier offspring’s and an increased health in brood bitches and stud dogs.