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Grand Champion Tito Trinidad is a Grand Champion Beastro son owned by Ariel Meijas of La Oma Butties.

He is following in his fathers footsteps as one of the country’s top dogs. Tito is in the running for top dog this year, currently ranked #2. Tito is also an official the Pocket Bully Standard for the Remy Kennel Club (RKC)

Grand Champion Black Label’s Waffle House is one of the youngest dogs to Grand Champ in ABKC history, from the onset of 2015 Waffle let the world know that he wasn’t playing. He finished the year just as strong, never taking his foot (paw) off of the gas pedal This is a very clean, correct & functional pocket bully that hasn’t even finished growing yet That’s the scary part Owned by Duval Bullies’ Tone Roldan