Owning a French Bulldog

Owning a French Bulldog


A French bulldog is an adaptable, smart, playful dog who loves his family. With a
lively and outgoing personality that is sure to win people’s hearts.

Frenchie’s are friendly and loyal with an adorable appearance to boot, so its no
wonder the gentle French bulldog is near the top of the most popular breed lists
across the globe.

The French bulldogs size makes them a great choice for all living environments, they
require little exercise so are perfect for apartment living. Their gentle, loving and
playful nature makes them great family pets, and they happily get along with people,
other pets and children.

Things to consider before purchasing a French Bulldog.

French bulldogs are true lapdogs. They are extremely affectionate, and
they want nothing more than to give love to their owners. (Keep in mind
that this means your Frenchie will always be underfoot.) These playful,
loving, enthusiastic dogs require constant attention and do not do well
when left alone.

This is a great dog for kids! In general French bulldogs will get along well
with all other pets and people, but it helps if they’re able to match their
playfulness. That’s why many people have two Frenchie’s as they get along
well and love to play together.

Life Span

French bulldogs have a life expectancy of 10-12 years, even though they
appear hardy by nature, due to their stocky well-built frame, they do have
the potential to suffer from various health problems. This can make them
an emotionally and financially difficult to care for dog.


Frenchie’s (like all dogs) need to be fed a high-quality diet, it’s advisable to
stay away from common commercially bought pet food that contains too
much grain and corn. These can cause digestives issues which can lead to
a whole range of skin and other issues down the line. A high quality
hypoallergenic, grain free kibble or raw diet is recommended.


Despite the Frenchie’s loving nature, they can be notoriously difficult to
train due to their typical bulldog stubborn streak. They have big
personalities, so taking the time to train them is a must. With the right
motivation (usually treats) and consistent positive behaviour training, the
intelligent French bulldog will flourish into a perfectly trained pooch.

Above all else, when buying any new puppy, research is key to ensure a
harmonious match. Frenchie’s are truly adaptable and make great pets for
both young and old, but careful consideration must be made when
choosing the right Frenchie for you.

Research into the breeder before going to see your French bulldog puppy,
view the pup with the mother where possible, have a list of questions
prepared ready for your breeder and make sure all paperwork and health
test results are there to be viewed if appropriate.

The last thing to do is to enjoy your fur baby! It may be hard work those first
few weeks but building strong bonds and setting clear boundaries is the
key to success when adopting a new pup.