Monsoon Bullies | Pocket Bully Breeder in Arizona

Monsoon Bullies | Pocket Bully Breeder in Arizona

This week we've had the pleasure of catching up with business owner and Pocket Bully breeder Kyle Polansky at Monsoon Bullies in AZ


Lake Havasu City AZ


I’m Kyle Polansky. I’m 36 years old, and I’m a father of 2. I have a five year old Daughter and nine year old Son.


Aside from being a Pocket Bully breeder, I’m a decorative concrete contractor and I own a company called Pro Power Painting and Decorative Concrete. 


Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy anything outdoors, like riding my jet ski, walking the pups, camping, staying active, working out at the gym, and spontaneous trips to Vegas, which is only a few hours away.

Tell our readers a little about your dogs and how you got into the Bully scene

Growing up, I’ve always been into animals and had several in the past. 
I grew up on a farm in Ohio, so we had all kinds of different critters.
I’ve had several types of snakes, lizards, fish, and dogs.
Over ten years ago, the first bully breed I had was an Olde English bulldog named Kaiden. He was a beast back then.
I’ve also had a bull terrier, Kaos, and a Pitt bull, Kiko.
I always wanted to get into the bully scene, but timing is everything.
I believe you need to be well established and have the proper funds to even begin thinking about breeding.
My girl Ms.Nova is two years old, I bought her from Jorge Guerra at Brute Force Bullies. Her bloodline consists of Hugo Boss x Casablanca x Quad x Phenom x Magoo.


Nova was bred to an impeccable stud called Dominio, owned by Ali Elahi at Bone Tone Bullies.


Dominio is a Platinum lilac merle who has Phenom and Pretty Boy in his pedigree.



From Nova’s first litter, we kept three puppies, now six months old.

Drift, Indigo tri Merle
Taz - Indigo Merle Tri
Ms.Ariah Plantinum champagne.
I learned a lot with my first litter, and I know one thing, it’s not cheap. It takes lots of hard work, time and money.
I’m still new to the bully game and still have lots to learn.
I believe I started off right by saving up, and investing in great reputable breeders like Jorge and Ali, and I didn’t cut corners.
My foundation female is very clean, short, tight feet and has a great rear. She’s also highly functional, which is a must for me.

Who is your favourite Bully in the game right now?


My favourite bull in the game right now is R2-G2, who I have locked in to be used with Nova when it’s “go time” in December 2022.

I believe she will be a great fit with him, and God willing, she takes.
These pups will definitely bless my yard, and I can only hope for the best.

R2-G2 is also short, compact, clean and has both size and muscle tone. He’s a beast, and with Nova’s features and bloodline, I believe they will make some future hitters.



" We would like to say thank you again to Kyle for taking the time to catch up with us.
We wish everyone at Monsoon Bullies the best of luck in the future and we look forward to catching up again soon "

To follow Kyle and his journey with Monsoon Bullies you can reach him on Instagram: @Monsoon_bullies or find him on Facebook: