English Bulldog


Weight Range:

Male: 54 lbs.

Female: 50 lbs.

Height at Withers:

Male: 14 – 16 inches.

Female: 12 – 15 inches

General Appearance:

English bulldogs are thick-set and low in stature. They are broad, powerful and compact. With their large heads and wide muzzles, their appearance is impressive and one of strength and power. 

They a reasonably short in height, with a broad, muscular frame. Males are noticeably more impressive in stature and have more exaggerated features than females but are still in proportion with their overall symmetry. 


English Bulldogs have exceptional gentle temperaments with their families. They are loving, affectionate and welcoming to guests. 

English bulldogs are loyal, dependable and courageous. 

Aggressive nature is very rare and highly undesirable. 

Although English bulldogs are small and loving, they are alert and fearless; they will confront intruders and trespassers without hesitation. 

What’s it like to live with an English Bulldog?

Bulldogs make fantastic family pets and companions; they adapt well to most environments, including large apartments. They are calm indoors, making them a please in the house. 

English Bulldogs can become incredibly attached to their family, and separation anxiety may occur in these situations. Teaching your dog from a puppy that it’s safe for them to be alone and that you will always return is essential to prevent this from happening.

Weather conditions play a significant role in their lives; they have a poor tolerance for too hot, cold or humid weather. Appropriate heat control is essential if you live in a climate where this could become a problem.  

English Bulldogs are great with kids of all ages when raised in a stable environment; socialising from a young age is a must for all dogs. 

Excessive barking is rare for English bulldogs. In many cases, owners may go months or even years without hearing their dog bark. 

Feeding Your English Bulldog

English Bulldogs can be greedy and will overeat if given a chance. To keep your Bulldog healthy and stress-free, a good quality diet is required.

Bulldogs can be sensitive to certain foods and may develop allergies. A good quality raw diet or hypoallergenic kibble is necessary to keep your Bulldog in good health. 

Exercising your Bulldog:

Bulldogs enjoy going for short walks with their owners; they love to play games, fetch a ball and chase a frisbee. You should continuously monitor your Bulldog when playing games or exercising to ensure they don’t overexert themselves. 

Breeding English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs can be difficult dogs to breed, they require an immense amount of human support throughout the entire breeding process. 

English Bulldogs are not for first time breeders and a wealth of experience is required before becoming a successful Bulldogs breeder. 

Average litter size: 4-6 puppies 

Natural birth: Rare

Natural mating: Rare