Pocket Bullies For Sale

Pocket Bullies For Sale

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The Bully Scene Pro Tips For New Bully Owners

Clear your diary for their arrival – make sure you have plenty of free time to spend with your new puppy, and  remember to be super tolerant whilst they’re making a huge transition into their new family.

Help your puppy to learn from new environments and experiences – New places can be scary for young puppies, be sure to praise and help to keep them calm when in new situations  and meeting new people.

Stick to the plan – Set rules and stick to them, it’s easy to find everything that your new puppy does to be hilarious and adorable, but without correcting unwanted behaviours early this can lead your Bully to pick up bad habits.

Out of sight out of mind – In the world of your new puppy, everything is a game, toy or food. If it is left in reach, then as far as your puppy is concerned, it belongs to them. Anything that can be chewed, ripped open or eaten that isn’t for the puppy needs to be kept out of reach to avoid temptation.

Breed Info

Pocket bullies are famous for their short compact bodies, incredible muscle mass, large blocky heads with the appearance of thick heavy bone structure.

To no surprise, Pocket Bullies are becoming extremely popular with dog lover around the world, this is due not only to their strong physical appearance, but also their soft loving nature which makes them excellent family pets.

Pocket Bully Size

Pocket Bullies are the smallest of the American Bully family, with males measuring at 14 -17 inches at the withers and females measuring at 13-16 inches at the withers.



Like all classes of American bullies the Pocket bully is a companion breed, this means they were bred purely for companionship to their owner.

The temperament of a true American bully is confident with a zest for life and the desire to constantly please it’s owner.

Pocket Bullies make amazing family pets. Human or dog aggression is extremely rare and highly undesirable within the breed standard.

Feeding your American bully puppy:

This is a very important topic for American bully owners and requires extensive research to ensure that you are feeding your Bully the correct diet.

What is the best food for my American bully puppy?

The two most common methods of feeding for American Bullies are a Raw diet and Kibble.  Both methods can be beneficial for your American Bully providing they are fed correctly, with high quality ingredients.

Some owners prefer Raw and believe that it contributes to a fuller shinier coat, better muscle mass and less allergy issues.

Whilst other owners believe that a good quality kibble is best for their dog and provides all the nutritional value that they require to keep their dogs in optimal condition.

Research into both diets will give you a better understanding of the pros and cons on both sides and will help you choose the which diet is right for your dog.

American Bully for sale

New Buyers Check List:

Research the breed thoroughly – the more you know about Pocket Bullies the easier the experience will be for you both. 

Study different bloodlines – this can help with the overall look of your dog when your bully is fully grown and give you a better understanding of their temperament, drive etc..

Take your time and don’t rush – this is a huge decision that requires extensive research and considerations

Try not to buy the first puppy that you see – speak to as many breeders as possible so you can and gather as much info to help you make your final decision.

Never send money without doing these checks – If you are buying your puppy from over seas or are unable to collect in person, use social media and other platforms to contact the breeders previous clients and ask them about their experience with the breeder and the dog they purchased.

Research the kennel and gather all positive and negative feed back before entering into a contract.