American Bully – The Ultimate Guide

American Bully – The Ultimate Guide

Everything you need to know about American Bullies



American Bullies are beautiful and impressive dogs with adorable personalities. If you are considering getting this amazing dog breed, first, you must learn about the different types of American Bullies.


American Bullies are a relatively new breed, developed during the 1990s with the purpose of creating the ultimate family companion. They were first recognized as a breed by the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) in 2004 and later by the United Kennel Club (UKC) in 2013.

American Bullies can have a variety of colors and color combinations. The only colors that ABKC disqualifies are merle and albino.


Types of American Bullies

American Bullies come in 4 recognized categories: Extral Large (XL), Standard, Classic and Pocket. Let’s have a look at them: 


Pocket Bully


Pocket American Bullies have the appearance of heavy bone structure and an extremely bulky build and look.
They have stocky and muscular bodies with big blocky heads. They are shorter and more compact as compared to other American Bullies. Pocket Bullies are better suited for those who prefer a small and compact bully dog. 


  • Male average height: between 14 and 17 inches (35-43 cm) at the shoulder


  • Female average height: between 13 and 16 inches (33-40 cm) at the shoulder


Standard Bully

Standard American Bullies are playful, full of life and alert to their surroundings, and have a confident and proud attitude.
The Standard American Bully is a compact dog with a blocky head and muscular body. They give an overall impression of high strength, proportional to their size. 
Male Standard American Bully Size: between 17 and 20 inches (43-51 cm)
Female Standard American Bully Size: between 16 and 19 inches (40-48 cm)

Classic Bully

Classic American Bullies are the same height as the standard, but a difference in build determines their category. They’re less muscular and have narrower frames than the standard, pocket, and XL bullies.
The appearance of the classic American Bully is somewhat similar to the early look of the Bullies in the mid-90s.


Male Classic American Bully Size: between 17 and 20 inches (43-51 cm)
Female Classic American Bully Size: between 16 and 19 inches (40-48 cm)

XL Bully


XL American Bullies are the largest of the American Bully breed, they are taller and bulkier than the Standard Bullies. However, they have a very similar build and proportions.


  • Male XL American Bully Size: between 20 and 23 inches (50-58 cm)


  • Female XL American Bully Size: between 19 and 22 inches (48-56 cm) 


Like Standard American Bullies, they have large blocky heads with protruding cheek muscles and well-defined jaws. XL American Bullies have a muscular and slightly arched neck with thick shoulders.

Extreme American Bully

The Extreme American Bully is an amendment to the Standard American Bully. It has a greater body mass, giving them an impressive appearance of having more substance than other varieties of American Bullies.
Extreme Bullies have a compact and muscular body along with a broad chest. These dogs have slightly arched and muscular necks with solid shoulders.
Although the Extreme class is no longer a part of the ABKC, their popularity over the years has had an enormous impact on the Bully scene, and is still popular with breeders today.


Male Extreme American Bully Size: No official size
Female Extreme American Bully Size: No official size



The Temperament of the American Bully


American Bullies are sweet, friendly, confident, and easy-going dogs. They have a zest for life, are eager to please, and make terrific family companions. American Bullies are mostly relaxed and calm with a laid-back temperament.


Aggression and shyness is not their characteristic. They are friendly with other dogs, gentle with kids, and friendly with strangers. They need the attention of their owners and family and respond better to positive reinforcement training.


American Bullies generally share the following temperament:


Affectionate: American Bullies are docile and very loving towards their families, including kids. They thrive when around their humans. If American Bully puppies are appropriately socialized, they make a wonderful family dog. They bond very closely with their family and are always eager to please their humans.


Kid-friendly: American Bullies are very sweet, gentle, affectionate, and friendly with kids. They are well-suited for a household with kids providing they are well socialized and supervised at all times.


Loyal: American Bullies are loyal, and betrayal is not their attribute. They are courageous and protective of their humans.


Stranger-friendly: When it comes to strangers, American Bullies are pretty friendly. They don’t tend to bark at strangers and guests.


Dog-friendly: Of all the bully breeds, American Bullies are the friendliest towards other dogs. They will live peacefully with other pets when brought up with them right from puppyhood.


The temperament of an American Bully is also shaped by raising and training. Like all dogs, American Bullies need early socialization and exposure to many different people, animals, sights, sounds, and experiences during puppyhood.



Grooming needs of American Bully

American Bullies have low grooming needs and are not heavy shedders. They have short coats and require just a few minutes of thorough brushing. Here’s how you can groom your American Bully:
  • Brushing: American Bullies have a fine, smooth, and short coat. They are low shedders and require a few minutes of weekly brushing to keep their coats in good condition.  
  • Bathing: American Bullies need occasional baths. It would be best if you bathed them when necessary with a pH balanced, high-quality dog shampoo. Over-bathing is not recommended for American Bullies.
  • Teeth brushing: Brush your American Bully’s little teeth at least once or twice a week to prevent bacteria and tartar buildup. Always use a dog-specific toothpaste and toothbrush.
  • Eye cleaning: Your American Bully’s eyes should be clear with no redness, swelling, or discharge.
  • Nail trimming: Trim your American Bully’s nails every couple of weeks or as required. 
  • You can use the following tools for grooming your American Bully:
  • Dematting Comb
  • A medium-size pin brush and slicker brush 
  • Grooming Rake 
  • Nail clippers
  • Canine shampoo and conditioner 
  • Dog toothbrush and toothpaste
Careful examinations and regular grooming will help you spot potential health problems early. 


Choosing an American Bully puppy

Are you ready to bring an American Bully puppy home? Before you bring home your pet, ask yourself the following questions:


Can you afford to raise an American Bully in terms of food, vet fees, and pet insurance?

Can you commit to an American Bully’s needs throughout their 12-16 year lifespan?

Is your house or apartment good for keeping an American Bully?

Do you have the time for physical activities every day? Standard American Bullies require good exercise every day.

American Bullies don’t like being left alone for long periods of time. Will your pet have company at home when you’re away?


American Bully price


The cost of an American Bully puppy from a reputable breeder will start from around $3000 and upwards. 


The price of American Bully puppies can fluctuate widely depending on many factors. These factors include:


  • Bloodline


  • Breeding stock


  • Breeder’s reputation and years of breeding


  • Breeders’ location


  • Dog’s age


  • Gender 


  • Overall appearance: size and color 


Adopting or fostering is another option if you can’t afford to buy an American Bully puppy. 
The upkeep is often overlooked when determining an American Bully’s actual ownership cost. When calculating your overall budget and the annual cost of owning an American Bully, make sure you account:


  • American Bully food and treats


  • Vaccines, deworming, and flea control


  • Yearly health examination at the vets 


  • Regular vet visits


  • Grooming and dental care


  • Training the American Bully puppy


  • American Bully supplies such as a collar, leash, crate, bed, bowls, bones, and toys


  • Dog walker and dog sitting


What's the ideal age to bring an American Bully puppy home?

The earliest age you should collect your American Bully puppy is eight weeks old.
Some breeders keep their American Bully puppies up to 12 weeks of age.

The most common age for puppies to go to their new home is 8 – 16 weeks.

Final thoughts

American Bullies are incredibly lovable and make fantastic family pets. They love being around their owners and are extremely friendly and patient with kids.
These dogs are easy-going and love to play and spend time with their human family. They make excellent pets if they match your lifestyle.

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