American Bully Enthusiast Reece Nahar Shares His Story

American Bully Enthusiast Reece Nahar Shares His Story

"American bully enthusiast Reece Nahar shares his story of how he got involved in the bully scene and what the future holds at Raton Line"


West London, England


My Name is Reece Nahar, the founder of Raton Line.
I am a father of two, and I’m from West London, England. I would consider myself an American bully enthusiast before a breeder.
I’ve had many other jobs and hobbies before starting my Raton Line. I’ve always had big dreams and wanted to create something or run my own business. I’ve always been particular and would consider myself a perfectionist with an eye for detail in all aspects of life.

To give people something they can love and take joy and happiness from gives me a lot of satisfaction. I’m always super happy and proud that people love something that “I” have created (this is the goal for me).

I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, and after leaving school, I went into the music industry; this is where my passion for creating something others loved came into play. When that didn’t materialise, I decided to try my hand at fashion as it seemed a logical next step. Seeing people in garments I had created was the most fantastic feeling, and it’s definitely something I want to revisit later in life.

How you got into the scene

It started right after I gave up on the fashion industry. I’ve always been around dogs my whole life, my family are dog lovers, and I’ve grown up alongside pet dogs from as far back as I can remember. My mum showed and bred our pet Staffordshire bull terrier, so she was knowledgeable about the showing/breeding side of things.
At the time, I owned a Dogue de Bordeaux called “Pancho.” He passed away from cancer, and it broke me. I swore I’d never get another dog. I would even go as far as to say I was over “dogs” ultimately.
I moved into a house with a garden in 2020, and I just realised that this house and garden are missing something and that something was a dog! I immediately got onto the internet, looking up dog breeds and dogs. I needed it to be small and low maintenance, so I was looking for something small but still having a solid mastiff/bully look.
I found images of “demon boy” owned by Dynamight kennels, Muscletones “Magoo”, and “Nemesis”, who is owned by my now good friends Ryan & Tom at Muscletone U.K. I was blown away. I had never seen anything like it; they looked unreal! Small but big at the same time! Seeing dogs that are short but still carrying big dog features: mass, big blocky head, broad chest, huge bone, and the sweetest personality. I fell in love with the “American bully”, the “pocket class” in particular, and the rest is history!

Tell our readers a little about your dogs and what bloodlines you have in your kennel

I currently own two females, “Muscletones Beansprout” and “Muscletones Sinaloa “.
I also own a stud dog “Muscletones Slayer”. These numbers will rise very soon as I’m still adding new additions to my program but being very patient and careful with who I choose and what I can do to elevate my line. Plus, I have very special breedings coming soon, and I may keep a lot of dogs back for my program, but I will reveal it soon, so stay tuned.
Muscletones Sinaloa



Muscletones Legend Slayer
Muscletones Legend Slayer
Muscletone Sinaloa
Muscletone Beansprout

Who is your favourite American Bully in the game right now?

I don’t have a favourite bully. I appreciate them all, but I am obsessed with characteristics, traits and genetics. So, maybe I like a dog because they have powerful features. Like a huge headpiece, broad chest, massive bone and muscle mass. Whilst also appreciating another dog for its straight cat-like feet, topline, angulation, and movement in the show ring. I think we’re all working towards the aim of combining the two. Whilst ensuring making sure you are sticking within the standard of the breed because that’s what’s most important. Health and structure before look and colour!

Where did you come up with the name Raton Line for your Kennel?

I got the name from an infamous bull from Spain named “Raton”, who became legendary for the large number of gorings for which he was responsible.
Still, I didn’t choose the name due to his reputation. “Raton” in Spanish means “Mouse”, and the fact that he was a big, mighty bull with a name like “Mouse” represents the American Bully to me. The strength, muscle and power of a bull, along with a mouse’s gentle, quiet and humble characteristics.




What are your biggest achievements to date?

I think my best achievements are still yet to come, and I also have personal goals to aim for, but one for the memory bank will definitely be my very first ever ABKC show in Telford, my female “Sinaloa”, who is soon to be champion, took 1st place, best female and best standard, it was her first show too, so that was an amazing achievement for us, but not only the rosettes and trophies are achievements for me, since being part of this community I have met some amazing people and people I now call my friends.


I haven’t been in the bully game for as long as most of these guys, but they don’t treat me any different, and I get to talk to the best breeders around the world who I consider mentors to me, they take the time to give me advice and tips that I take on board, and I am grateful for all of the support I receive from them, I believe I’ve worked my way up very quickly and established myself in the bully world to now being regarded as someone who has one of the most exciting programs in Europe is surreal! I’m very excited for the future here at Raton Line.


Any tips for potential breeders just starting?

Not just American bully breeders. All new dog breeders should come in with a vision to better the breed. There are plenty of breeders out here doing it the right way, but also a lot doing it the wrong way.
So my advice would be, don’t just jump in blind without any experience. Make sure you get involved for the right reasons, not just to earn some money. They should always meet the standards of the breed. Do your research on bloodlines, genetics and pedigrees. It goes a long way! Breed for health and type first; fine-tune the rest later.



" We would like to say thank you to Reece and we wish him and all the dogs at Raton Line the best of luck in the future and we look forward to catching up again soon "

The best way to contact Reece is through his social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram @ratonlinebulls. You can also email him at