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Type : For Sale
Kennel name : FutureKennelz
Date of birth : 10/09/2022
Vaccinations up to date : Yes
Microchipped : Yes
Registered : Yes
Name of registry : ABKC
Price Range : 2500-5500
I am : Breeder
Location : Liverpool, UK

Here we have a litter of 12 (8 boys, 4 girls) from our outcross to type breeding between My girl Xena and King Kilo, both dogs come from great pedigree’s: 

These pups are low COI as new blood is pumped in, they will be filled with structure as we specifically picked our stud with increased mastiff to give us more mass and plenty of diversity, which is what these pups have, giving us long lasting healthy pups. The best type of stock for your program, with these pups we doubled up on certain traits from ancestors such as Nativo Bullies Miss Chica and EBI The Joker who produced some of today’s best examples of stock such as Sparta’s Ghost, King Kazar Etc.

These pups have it all from the structure to temperament to colour with many more key traits that we have worked hard on!🔥 

BIG KILO, not only is this boys ped stacked with the likes on BGK CUJO, LAK9’s Destiny & Big Kilo, but he has all of the desired traits that we wanted for our line, adding even more mass, and a lot of height to the line. Kilo’s genetics will allow any female who has dominant traits to play a key part in the offspring, whilst injecting mass, thickness and basic structure, whilst providing us the Merle gene we anticipate for our programme. Which played a huge part in this litter, as you can see!!

as we sway into a society where people chase the same names that pulls us into a inbred population, where we see many disadvantages happen like, shorter lifespan, increase in genetic diseases, reduced genetic potential and offsprings, lower fertility etc. This is where these pups come in to change all that, and they look good doing it😮‍💨

– XENA – 21” TTW, 22” Head, 40KG


– KILO – 23” TTW, 27” Head, 50KG


We have went to length with this breeding as you can see if you check out my Instagram @FutureKennelz !🙌🏽

Offering discounts for anyone who wants to work within our brand and be apart of our journey it will be a long one😉

Happy for people to come and see the dogs, they are great to see and pleasing to the eye😈.

We have some long lasting stock with some monster merles looking to kickstart your campaign, or even boost your current program.

Prices for pups:


Mr. Scarface (Lime green)💚 – £6000

Mrs. Purple💜 – £5000

Mrs. Yellow💛 – (Sold)

Mrs. Pink💗 – £5000


Mrs. Xena jnr (Grey)🤍 – £3000 

Mr. Yogi Bear (Orange)🧡 – £3500

Mr. Red❤️ – £3500

Mr. White🤍 – £3500

Mr. Lil blu (Light Blue)💙 – £3000

Mr. Brown🤎 – £3000

Mr. Pied Man (Navy Blue)💙 – £2500

Mr. Man in Black🖤 – £3000

There will be updated pictures on these pups of course, 3 week puppy shoot coming soon, soon as puppies open there eyes there will be updated pictures, 6 week puppy shoots pending, if anyone would like to stay pupdated, you can contact me down below, don’t hesitate! 

Also there is a record of all time of births, weight at birth, also there will be a record of weights of the pups for every single day as we pride with giving ourselves and others healthy and big pups😀

All Dogs will be:


Health Checked✅


Both 1st and 2nd Vaccination✅

ABKC registered with papers in hand✅

Puppy Pack in hand✅


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