Type : For Sale
Date of birth : 01/10/2020
Vaccinations up to date : Yes
Microchipped : Yes
Registered : Yes
Name of registry : ABKC
I am : Private
Location : Manchester

We have a 3 year old Blue pocket bully for sale. She is a lovely dog, great with people and other dogs and is fully crate trained. We imported her to the UK when she was 6 months old, she has all her import documents, passport, and microchip details.

Blood line is mainly muscle tone, and has some fantastic dogs in her pedigree.

she has had one litter of 9 when she was 2 and was a fantastic mum.

For more information feel free to message or call.



I am very interested in your dog she is exactly what im looking for iv had staffys all my life and could give her a great home and am wanting to meet her asap iv increased my offer and hope you will reply thankyou

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Safety tips for buyers

1. Never send money to a seller without meeting in person. If you are buying over seas or unable to travel to see the dog, we highly recommend video calls to meet the owner and see pups with mum. 

2. Ask seller for proof of any/all documents and paperwork that may be offered with the sale. 
3Always verify who you are buying from, social media is a great tool for verifying people. If you are buying from a breeder, ask for references from their previous clients, research their kennel and gather as much information as possible about the breeder and their dogs. 
4Do not buy on impulse, trust your instincts - Remember that the most important tool you have in avoiding scams and pitfalls when buying a dog is your own instinct. If something feels wrong, it probably is! 

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