About The Bully Scene


The Bully Scene was created to bring all Bull breed enthusiasts, breeders, kennels and commercial businesses alike together on one platform. Helping to grow our unique community and constantly striving to better the breed’s. The Bully Scene is completely free to join and has some fantastic plans in place to help everyone grow and promote their brand, business and kennel profiles internationally.

Who is the The Bully Scene for?

The Bully Scene is for everyone with a passion for bull breed’s, whether you’re an experienced owner or a complete novice there’s something for everyone.
The commitment and dedication shown within the bull breed community is what sets us apart, The Bully Scene provides a united, uncensored and non-discriminatory platform to share, promote and build your brand/business in a positive and encouraging environment. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re from, we are all united through our amazing breed’s. Sharing advice, learning and constantly striving to improve the future for the bully community.
So if you have a question, are looking for a service or searching for a new addition to extend your family, you will find everything you need and more with-in the bully scene.

Welcome to the family!

Breeds we recognise:

American Bully

Pocket Bully – Standard Bully -XL Bully


Alapaha Bulldogs – American Bulldog – English Bulldog – French Bulldog – Old English Bulldog

Exotic Bully


Boerboel -Bull Mastiff -Cane Corso -Dog De Bordeaux – English Mastiff – Neapolitan Mastiff -Tibetan Mastiff


English Bull terrier – Staffordshire Bull Terrier