6 Tips to help you find your perfect Bully

6 Tips to help you find your perfect Bully


So you’re ready to introduce and American Bully into your family..
Great choice, here’s a few tips to keep in mind during your search.
Research is one of the most important things to do before introducing
a new American bully puppy into your home. The more time you invest
researching the American bully the better the experience will be.

Things to consider:

1. What type of Bully is most suited to your lifestyle – American bullies are
registered into different categories dependant on their height when
fully grown, i.e. Pocket Bully, Standard Bully and Xl Bully. It is
important to take this into account before purchasing an American
bully puppy to prevent any confusion later down the line.


2. Bloodlines – It is important to research different American
bully bloodlines, this will play a huge role in the way that your
American Bully will look when fully matured. American Bullies come in
all different shapes and sizes, some are shorter, taller, have more
muscle mass etc.. so researching the different bloodlines will give
you a better idea on how your American bully will look as an adult dog.
Researching American Bully bloodlines will also help to give you some
insight into any health problems that maybe hereditary in certain


3. Price tag – As I am sure you’re already aware, American bullies
usually come with a hefty price tag. If you are looking to invest a
substantial amount of money on a new puppy, make sure you have a
contract in place with the seller that benefits both parties. If you
are planning to breed your new bully make sure this is discussed
before you purchase to avoid any unexpected restrictions or
endorsements when the time comes.


4. Paperwork – If you are looking to buy an American bully it is
highly recommended to check that the paperwork is in hand before
making full payment. Research into the registry and become familiar
with what documents you should be provided when your puppy is ready
for collection.


5. Join American Bully groups – joining American Bully groups on social media can help to build relationships with people
within the bully community, this is a great way to learn about the
breed and seek advice from experienced American Bully owners.


6. View multiple litters – Last but not least, try to view as many litters as possible before
purchasing your new puppy. All puppies are extremely cute and you will
want to take them all home so try to avoid buying the first puppy you
see, take all of your options into consideration before making your
final decision.